How to prepare for a solo trip?

How to prepare myself for it?

Everyone should take a solo trip at least once in a lifetime. A time to know yourself and your skills. Discover the world from another point of view and adapt your trip to your lifestyle.

When you travel alone you know that you can wake up one day and say “I want to go to some place” or “I want to stay here 5 more days”. You don’t need to ask anyone if it’s okay with them. Although the experience sounds perfect there are many fears about taking a solo trip. The whole experience needs fear. Today we’re bringing you some tips that may help you on your solo trip

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  • Small but big steps: If you have never traveled on your own and have considered making a long trip. First test the water, small children visit where you know they can enjoy without being away from home for long. Your friends and family will create that anxiety of taking long trips but soon you will realize that it is not so easy to get away from them. If you’re going to go on a big solo trip, your friends and family might be trying to talk you out of it. is a good way to show them, ‘Hey I can do this just fine’.
  • Choose a social destinationIf you’re concerned about getting lonely, visit a place that’s popular for solo travelers, such as Southeast Asia, Central America or South Africa. There, you can meet people of all ages and backgrounds, many of whom are also looking to connect with others. Whatever you do, avoid places that are known for being particularly romantic. It may not help
  • Connect with the locals: Want to know the must-see/must-eat spots in a town? There is no better reference than the local people. Connect with anyone with whom you are able to have face to face contact. Take activities where you can meet other people like in extreme sports, where groups of people is looking for this type of events too.
  • Do not leave the technology behind: There are many people who use programs like Tinder when they travel and specify that they’re a tourist and looking for people to hang out with (rather than looking for a date). Accommodation options like and are a good way to get to know places and save a couple of cents. Meetup is a site that connects like-minded people in cities around the world for an array of interests — including biking, spirituality, art, yoga, video games, etc.

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  • Perfect dinners: A lonely dinner is never easy. Sometimes entering the hostel’s bar and seeing if another traveler is interested in eating out is a good idea. You can even go to eat at some place and enjoy a book and that another traveler my make accompany at your dinner. You can not imagine how many travelers are out in that same city.
  • Choose places where your money is stronger: Since money becomes a resource that may become shorter your trip. You can opt for places where your currency is stronger than the local currency. Such as the dollar in countries like Costa Rica, Cambodia, Bali and others. It’s amazing how you can double or triple its value.
  • Safety and common sense: It might be one of the most interesting subjects when you are planning a solo trip. Just do the things you would do in your city, it’s all a matter of common sense. You do not drink too much, do not walk alone in dark or dangerous places and other things.

The best thing about traveling alone is that you enjoy your style and no matter what others think. A solitary trip is an experience that you can not miss.

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