The Best 5 places to eat pupusas in El Salvador

El Salvador, the home of the “pupusa”

There are so many places to eat pupusas in El Salvador, people say: “En El Salvador hay una pupusería en cada esquina” that means: “In El Salvador there’s a pupuseria in every corner”. Even there are some traditional places for local and foreign tourists. Chiefly for the number of options that they have and the way that they make them.

Besides today in Bytto, as salvadorans, we bring you the perfect places to enjoy a pupusa.

1 – Olocuilta:

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It is the nearest place to “Oscar Arnulfo Romero” National Airport. Olocuilta is known as “Capital City of Pupusas”. This is the town where most pupusas are made. It is near the highway, that makes it the perfect place for people that come or go to the airport. Is the perfect city to go with family and generally is part of the list where most tourist go. You can find all kind of pupusas and with different flavors, as beans, cheese, mixed, pork rind, jalapeno, loroco, mora, and many more.


2 – Nejapa and Apopa

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The newest cities that are associated with this typical dish are Nejapa and Apopa. They have special celebrations on November, the pupusas’ National Month. In those cities the prepare an event called “pupusodromo” where many people assist to the gastronomic festival where people make pupusas on them own way. Every year some chefs make the biggest pupusa ever made. There are the perfect places to eat pupusas in El Salvador, if you visit them on November


3 – Izalco

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A Classical town where some of its streets keep the classic architectural style. Besides the biggest attraction is next to the central park where you will find different places to eat pupusas prepared on a clay cooker. They make “minipupusas”, a smaller replica of the traditional pupusa.


A little bit near the Capital City…

4 – Planes de Rendero

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Another item in our list about perfect places to eat pupusas in El Salvador that we can’t omit is Los Planes de Rendero. Many tourist visit this city every day. It has cold weather and a lot of places where you can enjoy a classical pupusa. Besides Los planes is perfect to visit with family on fridays or weekends at night. Its friendly people will always receive you with a smile.


5 – Antiguo Cuscatlán

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Located in the Metropolitan zone is the city where so many merchants offer their handcrafted products. Even it is one of the perfect places to eat pupusas in El Salvador. Its location is perfect for people who lives in San Salvador or La Libertad. Its variety of restaurants makes it perfect for people who want to try a new flavor of pupusas.


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