2017’s International Museum Day

International Museum Day

The International Museum Day is on May 18th each year. It’s a holiday to celebrate those cultural centers that have been in our community.

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) looks to sensitize the people to take in mind that museums “are an important medium for cultural exchanges, cultural enrichment, the advancement of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among people “

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This year’s international museum day’s motto is: “Museums and controversial stories: say the unspeakable in museums”. Culture has been part of the development of societies, and museums are the main actors that provide this vision. So the best way to know a community is knowing their culture, their current feeling and the relationships between society.

2017’s motto:

Many museums focus on showing our own traditions and history, but also looking to give a way to see today’s society to the outside world. In addition their artistic pieces, photographs of events and moments or emblematic objects seek to be the voice of society.

The motto wants to cover those stories that many museums want to make known, those stories that are not said. Also it is the best way to show it, with art and culture, isn’t it?

The International Museum Day brings together more and more museums that join this celebration. Also the museums that belongs to “La Secretaría de la Cultura” have special events during the celebration. In addition. In addition we invite you to visit the page of “El Ministerio de la Cultura” or any way of contact of some Museums for more information

National Museums:

  • National Museum of Anthropology Dr. David J. Guzman

MUNA was the first national museum, founded in 1883 by Dr. David J. Guzman. It has five rooms about Human Settlements, Agriculture, Handicraft Production, Commerce and Exchange, Religion, Arts and Communication, and also has Temporary Exhibitions Room. It is also located in front of CIFCO in Col. San Benito, San Salvador.

  • Museum of Art of El Salvador (MARTE)

Founded in 2003, MARTE Museum shows a permanent exhibition of Salvadoran art with works from its collection, private collections and artist loans. Therefore it also contains an educational program of guided tours, for students of public schools in the country. Its address is Avenida La Revolución, Colonia San Benito, San Salvador.

  • Museum of La Moneda

Located in the Center of San Salvador, the museum has collections of prints of the first banknotes and coins that were used in the country. In addition, it also exposes the history of the beginnings of the Central Reserve Bank in El Salvador. It is on Rubén Darío Street, San Salvador.

  • Museum of Military History

Also if you are looking to know the militar story about FAES, there is no better place to visit the Museum of Military History, also known as Military Museum Cuartel El Zapote. In addition it exhibits permanent historical objects, such as the famous painting by the Chilean Luis Vergara Ahumada “El Grito de Independencia” of 1957. Therefore It is at 10 Avenida Sur and Calle Capitán Alberto Sánchez, Barrio San Jacinto, San Salvador.

  • White House Site Museum

It has numerous objects found in the excavations. Therefore according to archaeological records, the archaeological site of Casa Blanca was used in the Postclassic period apparently to perform burials. Its address is at Km. 78th on  Panamericana Highway, Colonia Las Margaritas, Chalchuapa.

On the west side of the country

  • Regional Museum of the West

It has a room dedicated to the History of the currency of El Salvador and two others on the national heritage and culture. It is on Avenida Independencia Sur No. 8, Santa Ana.

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  • Museum to the Salvadorean Revolution

This peculiar museum has a collection of objects, documents, images, information and testimony of the 12 years of the armed conflict in El Salvador. In addition, it owns the old facilities of the Radio Venceremos where the guerilla transmitted information to all the country. It is on Calle Los Heroes, 3 blocks from the municipal park, Perquín, Morazán.

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