Discovering Santa Ana’s Volcano from a tourist sight

Discover Santa Ana’s Volcano from a tourist sight

Santa Ana’s Volcano the biggest colossus in El Salvador. There are many people that talk about this natural wonder. I want to tell you about my experience hiking this beautiful active giant.

I can’t Imagine any more glorious and surprising volcano than this one

Located between Santa Ana, Sonsonate and Chalchuapa. It’s a big park that can be seen from the highway. Three volcanic formations: “El Cerro Verde”, “Izalco’s Volcano” and the big “Santa Ana’s Volcano” as some people call it, Ilamatepec.

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This is one of the volcanoes that presented more activity in the last years. Its higest point is 2,381 meters over the level of the sea. As you are going up at the street to El Cerro Verde  you begin to feel the spirit of the nature and its magnificence. The weather, depending on the season, can reach 8 ° C, a tropical and cloudy forest begins on its rise surrounded by a coffee region.

At the top of Cerro Verde you’ll find the detour to La Casa de Cristal. You must registrer with the group that climbs to the top of the Santa Ana Volcano at 11:00 AM. La Casa Cristal is an excellent place to enjoy different attractions Or activities. You can enjoy food and a recreation area with beautiful landscapes towards the volcano of Izalco and its surroundings. Or if you wish you can camp or book a cabin that is offered on site.

At 11:00 AM  fun begins, the group pays a fee to the tourist manager who assigns rangers, guides and security for the group that wants to climb the volcano. Thus we start the trail in a Coffee plantation area where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and its delicious weather.

The Santa Ana’s Volcano, the natural beauty of El Salvador in all its magnificence.

On the route you will find 3 different viewpoints perfect to take pictures. Here you can rest. The route requires  medium physical effort. The first stop and the viewpoint, the most enjoyed,  is a ramp about 4 meters from the ground where you have one of the most beautiful landscapes to the mountainous area of Santa Ana. You also have a view of the Coatepeque’s Lake, which at a certain time of the year its water turns into turquoise color by the composition of its algae.

The route takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to climb and 1 hour 30 minutes to return. For two hours you enjoy landscapes and fields full of tropical flora and fauna in the cloudy forest. When you reach the last section of the route you get into a rocky area with desert flora where you start to feel sulfurous fumes.

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we’ll find a natural paradise at the top of the Santa Ana’s Volcano. Here the winds are strong and you will be wrapped into clouds. Inside the crater you will find the emerald green lagoon, a symbol of the beauty of the volcano. This is where the 360 ° views are spectacular. You can see The Volcano Park, Lake Coatepeque, Volcano and Izalco City and the Pacific Ocean. There is no such experience.

Finally, at approximately at 2:00 pm, you start your way back to La Casa de Cristal. The whole group is also escorted to there. where experiences are the most beautiful memories collected during the trip.

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