5 reasons to explain why we love to travel

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Have you ever wondered why we love travel? The reasons why people love to travel are different. Today, in Bytto, we bring you five reasons which you can tell us if they are true or not

1- Learning.

A trip makes you go out your comfort zone sometimes it makes you make a big effort to reach that special place. Learning experiences is what build us. A crash course in learning how the world outside your daily life functions. And if you are traveling abroad, this learning widens. You get to learn a new language, relish a new cuisine and culture.

2- Discovering yourself.

When you travel, you discover more about you than when you stay at home. There is time for introspection, appreciation for things that you otherwise take for granted and change your perspectives of life.

3- An Adventure.

It is not necessary translate adventure to climbing or hiking. When you travel it can mean something as simple as trying out food street in new cities, meet people and live traditions.

4- Relaxing.

A killing routine can turn your daily living in the worst of your life. You may try a 10-day meditation break or a relaxing treatment in one of the spas tucked away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

5- Change your sight.

A demanding job that leads to a burnout, a bad break up – whatever be the issue, pack up your bag and travel. Stepping away from things you see and feel every day is a perfect way to come back with new perspectives.

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