How to take the perfect photos on your trip

Today in Bytto we bring you some tips to take those perfect photos and make them the most valued memory. 

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.

I don’t know somebody that hates to travel. And when you go out to experience the magnificent world you want to save those memories forever by those perfect photos. You want to show it to the world so that people can also experience the exhilaration that you felt. But do you know where the talent lies? In capturing those moments perfectly.

So to put all the things in perspective, here are a few photography tips by professional travel photographers that will make your trip absolutely worth it!

  1. Make a human connection. Let the smiles be real. Then let your camera do all the magic.Imagenes medias Post (19) (1)

Put down the long lens and introduce yourself. Ask them about their ñives. Zoom with your feet and not with your lens. The one on one connection will make the pictures look beautiful.

  1. Go all the way in. Imagenes medias Post (18) (1)Never be afraid to get dirty. Mud and dirt is where all the action happens
  2.  Make sure that the people around you start calling you a ‘nerd’ before your next expedition.Imagenes medias Post (24) (1)Look up about your destination like a maniac. Know every nook and cranny of the place you are going to visit through your online research. You don’t  want to miss great photo opportunities because you were ignorant of them
  3.  Make Find something that clicks something inside of you.Imagenes medias Post (16) (1)Sometimes you should focus your camera on something that is not important at all the results are surprising. perfect photos come from nowhere.
  4.   You should know where your subject lies. Don’t you?Imagenes medias Post (17) (1)Focus on the local culture. Focus on the parts that make the local culture mesmerizing. Reveal something intimate about the place you are in
  5. The whole point of your expedition is to feel what has never been felt, explore the unexplored. So go raw.Imagenes medias Post (20) (1)Be bold and get off the path sometimes to capture raw nature. the perfect photos are not waiting in front of you



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