Tips for an Eco-Friendly travel

An Eco-Friendly travel is way of living. We will provide you some pieces of advice to enjoy your travel in the best way.

On the last April 22 nd was celebrated the World Earth’s Day. Some studies say that travel accounts to more than four percent of the world’s carbon emissions. But that doesn’t mean that you will stop traveling. Today, as Bytto, we bring you some tips in order to plan a great vacation with an Eco-Friendly travel , while you are thinking about the environment.

Pack light

Untitled design (39) (1)Some people are not use to pack days before the great day. Some of them pack at the last moment, even 1 hour after. Think about what you really gonna need, make a list. It will make your baggage light.  If you have to wait at the baggage carousel if you are flying, it will be totally liberating. And you can carry your backpack easier.


the important thing is not the destination but the journey. Think about all the airplane gas that will be used by each flight. In an Eco-Friendly travel always try to switch off the lights if nobody is using them. Reuse towels, Aboid using plastic water bottles, Carry rechargeable batteries instead the other ones. Do not waste those resources.

Buy Local

Untitled design (38) (1)An Eco-Friendly travel suggest to buy local is totally helpfull for your baggage and your pocket. Even you will help locals vendors and its a good way to wrappin you into culture.

Avoid using privite transport

If the place allows it, try to walk or use public transport. It will reduce the amount of carbon footprint emmited. Rent a hybrid vehicle if it is avaible. Always try to do an Eco-Friendly travel

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