Best places for camping in El Salvador

Taking care of the enviroment and wild life in it, El Salvador has many forest reserves. A paradise for the ones who loves living with nature and do camping in El Salvador.

Today, Bytto as turism experts, we bring you a list of the perfect places for camping in El Salvador. If you are a nature lover and you like the perfect views of the stars and a perfect woodfire these places are for you.

  • El Pital

The most known place for camping by salvadoreans. Is located in the higest point of El Salvador. This place is known because its low tempetures and green areas. It has exclusives areas for camping and make a wood fire. This beautiful place offers cottage if you want to sleep more comtable.  There are thousands of turists that visit this place every week. you will have an unique expirience.

  • Montecristo National Park

Located at the North of Santa Ana is one of the moist forest in El Salvador. The Montecristo national park is more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Its unique temperature and weather makes it the perfect place to enjoy with flora and fauna different from the rest of the Salvadoran territory. It has exclusive areas for camping, grills and campfires. If you arrive at afternoon you may visit the next day ” El trifinio”, the point of union between the borders of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. You can also find the Garden of One Hundred Years.

  • Parque Nacional El Imposible

Located in the department of Ahuachapán, is one of the biggest forest reserves in the country. This forest has a great variety of wildlife, has different hiking trails that shelter surprises. Its camping areas are perfect for big groups and perfect for campfires. It has a ranger service and specialized guides.

  • Portezuelo Park

In Sonsonate, seven kilometers away of the Juayua town, is this wonderful place that shelters more than 240 acres of coffee in a misty forest. It has exclusives spaces for camping. Its dense forest is always full of mist yo can enjoy different activities like bike tours to Ataco, horse rental and a circuit of high ropes. It makes it a top camping destination.


One hour’s drive from the metropolitan area of the country is the wildlife reserve, FURESA. The newest place in this list of camping sites in El Salvador and picnics is this wildlife reserve because it offers a camping area for those who loves that expireience. The animal reserve has many incredible exotic sounds. There is no better experience to spend the night full of roars and howls of wild animals. It also offers public walks for the whole family, waterfalls and canopy.

  • Parque Deininger

Located on La Libertad coast, Walter Thilo Deininger National Park offers unique landscapes in a dry forest. It offers to its visitors perfect places to camping in El Salvador, spaces to rappel on a 50 meter rock, circuit of high ropes, buggies and walks that lead to a great secret inside its forest.

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