Tips to save some money if you are planning to travel

Mexico and Central America are some of the best touristic destinations on  spring. But sometimes this season and savings contrast against the other. That’s why in Bytto we’re bringing you some little tips that may be helpful to save some money.

Book right now

This month is the ideal date to book, the majority of tour operators’ products enjoy discounts in order to sell in the previous month to spring and holidays, where the use to increase prices. Some clients book between February and March 31 for travel.

Local Currency

if you are the kind of person that avoid using a credit car anywhere or you are thinking about the tips, here’s the best advice that you should never forget “Look for the local currency”. This will save some extra money of your pocket. Money exchange may vary significantly in different places. you better read about it on internet in order to not being ripped off. you will get a better exchange at a bank or at an ATM. Some people may offer to accept your currency and convert it at the time of purchase, but they might use unfavorable rates of exchange, so it’s best to keep some cash of local money.

If you need to do your banking, do it online

If you need to do your baking, do it online. most of the banks allows you to perform many operations online, maybe in a web site or in an app. If your bank doesn’t have branches in the area you’re visiting. Setting up automatic bill payment ensures you don’t fall behind on your obligations while you’re out of the country.

Inform your bank of Your Trip

Some institutions use to block transactions coming from unexpected locations, it may be associated to fraudulent activity and identity theft. it can be a real issue. if you forgot a call to customer service should resolve any problem that crop up. Better safe than sorry


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