Central America, an area where living colossus roam

The Central American Volcanic Arc forms part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and includes hundreds of volcanic formations. This landscape is parallel the pacific coast in 1,000 kilometers area in length. This area is visited every year by thousands of tourists, some of them looking for adventure. In Central America there are some active volcanoes that can be seen from different places in each country. Here’s a list of some of them.

Pacaya Volcano (Guatemala)


One of the most famous volcanoes in Guatemala is this 2550 meters high volcano. Every week national and international tourists are climbing this volcano enjoying the adventure and its beautiful landscapes where is able to see the Agua Volcano, Acatenango Volcano and Volcán de Fuego. This volcano is characterized by throwing ash, steam and small stones every time it erupts. Its last eruption was on 2013 and it’s still ongoing.

Volcán de Fuego(Guatemala)


Located in Alotenango, its high is about 3,763 meters. Its name means “Where is the fire”. Nowadays is not able to tourists to climb this magnificent volcano because it erupted on 2015 and it’s still ongoing. This volcano it’s one of the most active volcanoes in Central America. It has erupted more than 60 times since 1524. It’s known as a violent volcano because when it throw its ash and volcanic sand, those drop in El Salvador and Honduras.

Telica (Nicaragua)


The most famous volcano in Nicaragua is The Telica Volcano. This volcano is continuously emitting gas, ash and lava at the bottom of its crater can be seen. It’s high is 1,061 meters, what makes the climb less difficult. The slopes are so steep nor so the difficulty of the ascent is distance to travel. There is no path to the foot of the volcano, so you’d have that walk a little before arriving. The surrounding dry and tropical are cute scenarios.

El Arenal Volcano (Costa Rica)


El Arenal volcano is located in the northwest region of Costa Rica. It has a height of 1,670 meters. and it is considered the most active volcano in the country by its constant emission of gas and steam. The park has many attractions.  In addition to offer perfect places to observe the activity of the volcano, there are waters springs and the possibility of do adventure sports as canopy, tours into Venado caves, kayak on Arenal Lake, cycling and horseback riding.

Santa Ana’s Volcano

ilamatepec copy Ilamatepec Volcano it’s the highest and biggest volcano in El Salvador. At the bottom it can be seen a sulfur lagoon where always is It contains a sulfur lagoon where they exit fumes from the volcanic chimney. It is surrounded by two volcanos and the Coatepeque Lake.

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