Travelling? Get wifi passwords from different airports

This travel blogger has compiled a list of wifi passwords of the main airports in the world.

Have you ever tried to get online ride as soon as the seat belt signal disappears. Is a very common and routine for most travelers always wondering if…  is a wifi destination airport? Will it be open? Can I connect? Not anymore, a travel blogger has proposed collecting internet access from airports around the world that has been known, and made them available to all users.

Anil Polat started collecting the wifi passwords and networks of different airports like Heathrow, free for one hour, Barajas, also free for a while … But soon began to enrich his list also incorporating wireless networks and passwords from VIP lounges from different airlines. His database grew and since resources for travel are limited, he asked his readers were sending passwords of airports they have visited to create a large database.

Here’s the wifi passwords map database.

Polat created a layer on Google Maps through which you could click on the destination airport in advance and so get your wifi password if any. This computer engineer published a map with passwords on his blog and readers responded massively making public the keys to the different VIP lounges around the world.

His idea is great and successful that Polat decided to try to get a profit. How? Publishing a mobile payment application ( iOS and Android ) so that travelers simply select the destination airport and from the app itself the password is copied to your mobile. Easier, impossible, and begins to make profit: ” It takes a little time, but WiFox has already taken off , ” he explains. Have had problems with the airlines or airports to disclose this information? “At the moment, no one has complained , ” he explains.

Now you know what to do next time you arrive to an airport to get WiFi.


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